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Comweb Aviation

In addition to Comweb's first-class production equipment through William F. White International and film studio facilities through Pinewood Toronto Studios, we are now pleased to offer our clients and colleagues exclusive rental of a first-class private business jet designed for convenient, stress-free travel, at an unbeatable price. The real icing on the cake is that where the aircraft rental is attached to an Ontario production utilizing the Ontario Production Services Tax Credit (OPSTC), it is considered a qualifying expense and is eligible for up to a 25% rebate.

Backed by the Comweb assurance of safety, quality and reliability, Comweb Aviation is the first company of its kind to specialize in private jet charter services to the film, television and broadcast industries. This unique service will be offered in association with Chartright Air Group, Canada's leading provider of business aviation services.

Comweb Aviation will enable you and your travel companions to fly in the world-renowned eight-passenger, Hawker 800 business jet, which will provide non-stop service from Toronto to virtually any point in North America, while completely removing the stress and hassle of commercial flight. Who said air travel can't be relaxed, hassle-free and even pleasurable?

Besides the highly attractive economics of this service, there are many advantages to flying on private jet charters, not the least of which is convenience. Stringent new security regulations imposed on commercial airlines cause long line-ups and erratic flight times which are very frustrating, particularly for business travelers, not to mention the common hassle of luggage complications and frequent delays. Comweb Aviation charges by the hour, not by the number of passengers like most commercial airlines.

Therefore, if you're travelling in a group, your trip can actually be less expensive than travelling on a commercial flight.

With Comweb Aviation, we can assure that you and your companions will enjoy all the pleasures of hassle-free travel while being treated to a level of complete flexibility to fly when, where and how you want, all at the right price!

For more information or to book a flight, please call Rick Perotto or David Hardy at (416) 239-5050.